Active Violence Emergency Response Training is designed as a proactive, preparedness plan for the staff of your church, school, business, or event.  Built specifically for your establishment, our goal is to empower your team. Learn from the experts who have been training law enforcement, medical professionals, and the public and private sector for over twenty years.  By the end of this (2) hour course you will be able to:

  1. Identify signs and signals of potential attackers and avoid warning signs that go unnoticed
  2. Learn how law enforcement and emergency medics respond to active violence: their role, and yours
  3. Demonstrate skills that will save your life: how to set up your room if forced to hide, how to fight (and WIN), how to escape
  4. Perform basic medical treatment for yourself, or injured children, staff or parishioners

We are available to review your current emergency policies and procedures, or develop them for your organization.  Our goal is to train confident civilians that are prepared for the unexpected. You have a responsibility to your customer to be prepared.

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