Defending Against a Rear Bear Hug [Video]

Self Defense Video: Defending Against a Rear Bear HugWhen someone grabs you from behind, it is an attempt to overcome you with fear though violence. In most cases you will be taken to the ground, in a very violent manner.

It is very important to respond very violently, very quickly. You may be in a position where your arms are locked or not. Either way, a pain disruptor is needed.

See it action, and read the 3 main steps under the video below.

1. Kick your heels into the knees, or groin, as fast and hard as possible. Wiggle using your upper body and arms in an attempt to force the grip to loosen

2. Once you are dropped, attempt to locate one or two fingers of the suspect, and peel backward, up, and away. Fast, painful movements.

3. Once the grip is loosened, violently strike into the abdomen, side, or up into the face. Whatever is exposed and available. Run as fast away as possible, screaming and drawing attention to yourself.


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