Escaping a Frontal Choke [Video]

Self Defense Video: Escaping a Frontal ChokeWhen faced with an assailant who chokes you, you have seconds to make a quick decision on how to escape. If you don’t, you could become unconscious, or even die. This is a very dangerous position to be in.

If you are choked, there are two things that can happen: The choke stops oxygenated blood from getting to the brain, which in seconds, can cause you to go unconscious, or even lead to death. The second is irreversible damage that can be caused to you Trachea (windpipe) which could also be fatal. You need to escape from this very dangerous situation within three seconds.

This video, part of our “Three and Flee” series, will show you exactly what to do if you find yourself in a frontal choke situation.

Three Steps to Escaping a Frontal Choke

1: Shotokan911 advises a fast shot of pain that is unforecasted. Your hands are free in this case, nothing gets a person’s attention like a shot to the bridge of the nose. This pain disrupter buys you a few seconds to flee, or deploy a needed second technique.

Many self-defense training strategies advise to peel the hands away from the throat. In a very high stress environment, you probably don’t have the fine motor skills it takes to do this.

2: By sending the pain low, you’re disrupting the thought process, Pain High/Pain Low. A kick or knee to the groin while the suspect is thinking of the nose pain is the key.

3: If needed, follow it up with the pain back high, by a violent elbow strike to the face or side of the head. Scream, draw attention to yourself, and run to a safe location.


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