The TAC PAC was assembled by the staff of the Premier Safety Group – a team of Law Enforcement, First Responders and Medical Professionals. After over thirty years of working the streets of Metro Detroit, we saw the need for immediate care, before the professionals arrive. In an emergency, this crucial time is when lives are saved. Our team is devoted equipping, and training the everyday citizens, and giving them the confidence that they can make a difference.

We will offer the best product, at an affordable price, backed by the best training updates to keep you informed and ready should an emergency happen to you, a loved one, or a bystander.

Our Tac Pac kit is specifically assembled for simplicity in the event of an emergency and has everything you need to control bleeding: Pressure and Packing Dressings, and a Tourniquet for extreme cases. All the necessary items in one sturdy pack! In an emergency, you don’t have time to look for bandages, dressings or advanced equipment. You need it fast, close, and ready.

We support the TAC PAC with an easy to follow video that demonstrates each item, and how it is applied. We encourage you the review the video frequently, so you are prepared for any situation. When seconds count, reach for the TAC PAC!

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