Gunman Weapon Disarm [Video]

Self Defense Video: Gunman Weapon DisarmWhen faced with a person who is threatening you with a handgun, you may need to disarm this person.

In Robbery cases, or anything involving property, avoid the possibility of being shot and comply. NO property is worth your life. If it is a situation where your life is immediately threatened, you need to react.

This video, part of the Shotokan911 Series “Three and Flee” demonstrates three quick movements that will disarm a suspect with a handgun.

Here are the Steps:

Note: These skills are perishable, and must be practiced regularly. Nothing works 100% of the time, but if a suspect is actively killing, or you feel your life is in jeopardy, this skill may help you survive.

1: Quickly push the weapon away. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. Get the barrel away from your center mass of your body. If it does discharge, it likely won’t be fatal.

2: Grab the weapon with two hands. Both on the barrel if possible. This turns the handgun into a tool, a fulcrum that will allow you to use a mechanical advantage to disarm. Control the weapon, not the hands. Push the handgun in the direction you were pushing. Use your momentum to peel the gun back away from their grip.

3: Once this is done, RIP the handgun from their hand. During the struggle you may need to apply shots of quick pain. Shin strikes, head butts, knee strikes, bite on flesh. Remember, keep the barrel pointed away from your body.

Run away as fast as possible, either with the weapon, or throwing it away from assailant. You have no familiarity with this particular weapon, don’t count on using it against this person.


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