With years of law enforcement experience, our team has interviewed thousands of criminals who target women and children. With this information we have developed a course that mixes simple, yet very effective self-defense techniques that focuses on survival. We also share secrets victims used to avoid their aggressors, and personal safety tips that give you the edge over the criminal element. Focus of training will be home security, driving, walking, shopping, and weapon disarming.

We bring everything needed for a session designed specifically for your group in an enthusiastic, fun and informative setting.  Our unique system of training is developed from information gathered from interviewing thousands of criminals, learning their secrets, and developing simple, yet highly effective martial arts techniques to escape their attack.

We teach you how the attacker chooses their victim, planned their attack, and most importantly, what techniques were used to over power them, and escape. This information has been gathered from over thirty years in law enforcement, and now is available in this exciting program.

self defense training - kick

Our staff includes law enforcement and military professionals that are experts in self-defense and martial arts training.

The Premier Safety Group system blends Krav MagaJu JitsuShotokan KarateAikido, and MMA to develop the most diverse self-defense program available.

Self Defense Training

This program is developed to train your group, at your facility. Based on the size of your group, most classes last two to three hours.

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Note:  All times are approximate to give enough time on various class sizes and experience levels.

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