Basic Bleeding Control and Tactical Medical Response are courses that were designed for everyone in your organization.  In accordance with the National Stop the Bleed campaign, this course teaches participants the current best practice recommendations for how to manage life-threatening hemorrhage. The course consists of lecture and practical skills application. This workshop certifies participants in Basic Bleeding Control.  In addition, the course addresses the basic tactical emergency medical skills needed to effectively manage a crisis.

No experience is necessary for this 8-hour introductory-level course.

Basic Bleeding Control Certification:  Curriculum based on Stop the Bleed Campaign and includes a certificate of completion.  Practical tourniquet application and wound packing techniques are practiced

Fight, Flight, or Freeze?  Overview of the physiological response to active crisis and basic self/group defense

Carry On:  Strategies to move victims without causing further injury. Includes practical application and team exercise

Cover and Concealment 101:  Create effective cover and concealment from perpetrators in a variety of settings.  Includes practical application and team exercise

Create a Plan:  Utilizing the strategies learned, create a plan for your institution

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